Reclaimed Wood Mosaic

I have a hard time throwing things away that have pretty little chippy paint on them. So, I've been saving various scraps of wood from a few other art projects hoping to find a good use for them. This reclaimed mosaic in an old window frame is the product of my pack-rattiness.

Rebekah's Booth at the Atlanta Market

My sister Rebekah had great success at her first attempt at a large wholesale market. This is her beautiful little booth in Atlanta. Her display tables we made out of old books and vintage doors. Burlap curtains drape the back and a lovely dress form in a high fashion paper dress (that we made with old book pages) is the focal point. So cute!

Bekah made the funky little displays (that sit under the table) out of old Pepsi crates. Stores could purchase these to display her jewelry. she also painted the two signs on either side of the dress form.

Parking Meter Lamp

I am absolutely in love with this quirky, stylish lamp made out of an old parking meter! Love!

The Dining Room

I took this picture the day I took the possession of the house. The charity that owned it had left all this junk in the house so, I spent most of the first day just taking stuff to the street.

The view of the dining room from the kitchen.

The house has a very open floor plan except the kitchen. I opened up this wall to connect the kitchen to the rest of the house.

Fresh new paint, a new jute light fixture, new tile flooring, and a new pine bar!

Voila! A new dining room, complete with barber shop chair barstools. I made some burlap curtains to soften the feel in the room and tie in to the jute light fixture.

Vintage chippy paint cabinet and heart pine farm table.

Dining table and light fixture came from Seibels.

Thrift Store Success! BARSTOOLS

I found these amazing barber shop chairs at the thrift store. It was a "half off day" so I got them CHEAP! Think I'll cover them in turquoise velvet.

The Making of a Junk O' Rama Prom Crown

The inspiration

The parts and The hat

Prom outfits

Party pics

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